Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Mental Map Is...

The make-up of our mental map is a finely woven tapestry of our life experiences, things we have been taught and things we have learned. Our personal experiences form the strongest threads in the tapestry of our mental map. In short, these are the things we have accepted as true. It does not mean these things represent the Truth, having accepted them as true is enough to be included in tapestry. This description sounds alot like "beliefs" doesn't it? So, beliefs and mental maps can both be used to express the same concept.

When asked the questions, "How are beliefs formed?" and "Why do I believe what I believe?" many people have a difficult time articulating their answers to these questions. Sometimes, many times, we have unconsciously accepted the beliefs of others without giving them much, if any consideration ourselves.

Why is it important to understand the make-up of our mental maps?

Everything that happens in our life, what we experience, what we read, what we hear and observe, passes through the finely woven tapestry (filter) called our mental map. The filter of our metal map converts an event into our own perceptions of the event. This happens very quickly and largely unconsciously. As an event passes through our mental map and forms a perception, this in turn influences our thoughts, our feelings and lastly our behaviors.

This is how you can have two or more people observe (or experience) the same event in life, and their individual perceptions of what happened can be quiet different. How can this be? The event was what it was. Everything in and of itself is neutral. We give everything meaning. The meaning we give to events in life are colored by the make-up of our mental maps. In the example given where two or more people observe the same event, but process it differently, this is because the make-up of their mental maps are different. The event was the same, but the event passing through different tapestries of their respected mental maps caused different thoughts, feelings and actions (in this order) as a result.

I encourage your to be the "gatekeeper" of your own mind. Being the "gatekeeper" means to be consciously aware of what goes into your mind. You are uniquely gifted with a built-in barometer. You can exercise discernment by applying your intuition. You can accept what is true to you.

Transforming your life, however you choose, begins to happen when you realize that you are not hostage to the current make-up of the mental map. You can choose to leave the threads of the tapestry in place that serve your highest and best good. Likewise, you can choose to replace the old threads (read no longer useful) with new one's that you have consciously chosen. You have the ability and power to change the make-up of your mental map whenever you determine that the old one is no longer working for you.

You see, it is quiet common for people to want to change something in their life. Maybe it is something in their spiritual life, maybe something about a relationship, family matter, work or financial situation, but they just don't know where to start. Start here. Start from where you stand now.

If you would like to experience meaningful, lasting growth in your life, begin by becoming aware of the make-up of your mental map and consciously replace the threads of the tapestry which no longer serve your highest and best good. By doing so, you will change the nature and make-up of the mental map filter. As a result, your thoughts, words and actions will become an ever clearer reflection of who you really are.

Many Blessings to You!


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