Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is your Personal Ministry?

We all are being called on by God. This call is not audible. It feels more like a pulling sensation deep within, within our heart and soul. Often when we hear the term ‘a calling’, our minds go to the type of calling related to the ministry. Although for some, this very well may be the case; however, for most people, the calling relates to the formation of your own ‘Personal Ministry’.

A Personal Ministry is anything that is of service and lifts up another person. It only takes a small shift in perspective to see through the lens of Unity and Oneness.

Some of the things you enjoy and are now doing, could be viewed as your own Personal Ministry. Perhaps this comes in the form of sharing a talent, such as music or art. Perhaps it is gardening or repairing things, or being a coach or teacher. For some, their ministry could be providing a kind word or a smile to others, lifting their spirits. Maybe it is a small shift in perspective of how you view your job. For example, someone in the health care field may consider, as their Personal Ministry – caring for the sick. Their whole perspective shifts from one of “I have to go to work”, to one of taking time to perform their Personal Ministry.

So what would it look like if we made the small shift in perspective from just our jobs, or what we do, and move forward is such a way that views what and how we do things, as our own Personal Ministry? This becomes our own private mission. Our Personal Ministry does not have to be announced to others or advertized openly. This is soul work. Work between you and God.

When we stop and listen to the calling within our hearts, we will be lead to the work of our Personal Ministry. Chances are good, that you either know now what this work is, or, if not readily apparent, you can see traces of it…like little bread crumbs you have dropped for yourself as clues. Now is the time to put together the pieces.

When you are energized and feel lighter, almost effortlessly in the work of your Personal Ministry, you will know you are on the right path.

Reflect on the question, “What is my Personal Ministry?” Begin to move in the direction that your soul pulls on the heart, to lift up, in your own unique ways, our spiritual brothers and sisters. Serving others, through your Personal Ministry, is God’s Love manifesting through mankind. This line of focus and attention brings us to the Priceless Question.

The Priceless Question

How will the Divine manifest through my life today?

In Love and In Light...Michael