Sunday, April 25, 2010

Try Harder or Try Easier, It is Your Choice

Each of us have been given "free will." This means that each of us has the free will to think, speak and act accordingly based on how we choose to be in the world. We have the free will to believe (or not believe) whatever we choose.

From time-to-time when the circumstances of life become difficult for us, we have free will to choose to go it alone by trying harder, or we have the free will to choose to ask for help. Furthermore, if and when we choose to ask for help (which can be very difficult for some of us), we can choose to ask for help from friends or family members, and we can ask for spiritual help and guidance.

Our Divine Parents honor the free will they have so freely given to us. This is very important to understand. If we truly desire spiritual help and guidance in our life, we must ask for it! By asking for spiritual help and guidance, we are inviting God into our lives. Clearly, God knows what we need even before we ask, but it is in the asking, it is in the inviting in, which opens the door to Divine intercession into our lives.

Surrendering our free will by being open to flow in God's Divine Will, can be one of the easiest hardest things to do. If this is a new concept for you, than it can be hard to do initially. But in truth, surrendering my human will over to Divine Will can be very freeing.

So next time the going gets tough for you, I invite you to call on God's intercession into your life to handle the situation for you "in perfect ways and under grace."

Know this, your Divine Parents, through their incomprehensible love, wait patiently for your invitation to open the door for their guidance and direction. We only need to ask and know that our call has been heard.

In Love and In Light...Michael